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Our Tree Service Salem Oregon works perfect for those looking emergency removals. Having trees in your yard has several advantages, such as adding to your compound’s beauty and providing shade on sunny days.

A tree shrub can provide all these benefits at no cost compared to a bigger tree that requires regular maintenance. Apart from that, having a huge tree in your backyard is a hazard to your property. Such trees have the risk of falling branches or the the whole tree itself.

It is, therefore, vital to hire the a professional tree services company to help you eliminate or edge those hazardous trees you have in your yard.

Below are some services you can get from our Tree Service Salem Oregon.

Tree Trimming

Tree shrubs in your yard may sometimes grow their branches beyond the predetermined length or height. Therefore, tree trimming is a solution we provide.

Tree trimming involves eliminating those excess branches while still maintaining the tree’s natural look. These branches may also hide places for pests and wild animals that later find their way into your house.

Tall branches for tree shrubs near your home are very risky. In most cases those branches break or fall causing damage to your home when there is a heavy storm.

If you are reading this, and you have this problem, call us, and we definitely help you.


Tree service salem oregon

Tree Pruning

Most people confuse tree pruning for tree trimming. The methods used may be similar for both services, but the intention is different.

Trimming is done for aesthetic purposes while pruning is done to boost the health and well being of a tree.

Pruning is mostly done on fruit-producing trees to increase their yield. Cutting off the dead and decaying branches prevents it from spreading. 

It is advisable to use professional services when a tree is infected to prevent doing more damage instead of curing.

Our Tree Service in Salem has the latest equipment to access any part of the tree safely. 

Tree Service Salem Oregon

Tree Removal Service

tree service  salem oregon

Everybody wants to keep the trees in their lawn, but removal is necessary sometimes.

You may want to remove a tree due to property development projects or when a tree is at the risk of falling. Some trees also outgrow their position, and the branches and roots become a nuisance to your house.

Roots can overgrow and cause cracks on the house floor, and walls while branches can cause problems for your neighbors.

That's where our professional team comes in. We will assess the situation and advise on the best option between trimming and removal.

Falling trees close to a building require extra care and specialized machinery to avoid damaging the structure.

These are the types of jobs you should leave to professionals.

Tree Stump Removal

Apart from damaging the appearance of your backyard, tree stamps are a safety hazard, especially if you have children who regularly play there. 

Rotting stumps are also known to attract bugs such as termite and ants, which can later spread to your home or other plants.

With our Tree service, we are able to remove or grind the stump within minutes instead of waiting for the stump to rot naturally. A stump can take decades to decompose depending on the tree type.

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Emergency Tree Removal

Fallen trees can block roads or even cause more damages if they are not immediately removed.

Our Salem Tree emergency removal service will make emergency removal a priority to ensure that everything is cleared in the shortest time possible.

Trying to remove fallen trees yourself can cause harm or damage to your property, given that you don’t have the necessary tools and equipment for the job. 

We offer the best affordable price and with the quickest turn around.

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Talk To Us!

Whatever tree care service you need, we are here to help you.

In case you have any problem which has not been stated on this page, then call us or contact us at Lawn Care Salem Oregon so that we can provide you with a solution plan.

We are proud to say that our services are top-notch in Salem. We love nature and we care about it. That's our main difference with our competition.

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