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Our Pest control Service in Salem Oregon is one of those you should consider for your home. A lawn is a perfect place for having fun as a family and a safe playing ground for children, but having pests such as mosquitos, ants and ticks can ruin the peace.

All the activities you enjoy in your backyard can no longer be full of fun if mosquitos and ticks keep biting.

Apart from being a nuisance, these bugs also carry harmful diseases that they can transfer to your family and your pets.

There are varying insect control methods that you can apply to prevent or eliminate different types of pests. keep reading on how you can control every kind of pest.

Environmental Natural pest control methods

Get rid of stagnant water: One way of eliminating mosquitos is by getting rid of all standing water in your backyard. This includes water in gutters and old buckets containing rainwater.

If you have some stagnant water you can’t dump out like a pond; you can use mosquito dunks to kill the mosquitos and their larvae.

Conduct regular landscaping Practices: Apart from stagnant water, mosquito also finds a perfect breeding site in bushes and tall grass. Mowing your lawn and trimming tree branches eliminate mosquito’s breeding and hiding grounds, therefore, reducing their population naturally.

This is where our expertise comes into the game. We have the tools, equipement and the knowledge to be more efficent on pest control. You can entirely rely on our services while you handle your most important things. 


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Chemical Oregon Pest control

Chemical mosquito control may not be very effective in the yard because mosquitos can fly away after spraying and come back later when things are back to normal.

Spraying insect control method should be your last option when all the natural means have failed. You can target the most likely breeding areas when spraying to avoid wastage.


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Ants are a worldwide pest best known for moving in colonies, and you will mostly find them around water sources. Though ants do not transfer diseases, their bites are painful — meaning they can be a nuisance if allowed to thrive in your backyard. The most effective ant control methods are environmental, granule and dust insecticides.

The best natural ant control method is by eliminating food sources. The ants will mostly get into your yard to look for food, meaning they cannot stay if there is no food. Start by storing food in airtight containers and cleaning any spilt food and crumbs right away. Keep pet food away from the yard or make sure that their bowls are clean.

When it comes to ant control using a pesticide application, most of the insecticides for this job are powder or granule. You only need to spread the dust along their paths and into the cracks they use to access the ground.


Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that thrive in dense vegetation waiting for humans and animals to pass and feed on their blood.

 Ticks bites are itchy, plus they are known to transfer diseases to both humans and animals. There are no precise natural tick control but we can help prevent their spread by trimming the vegetation in your backyard.

Regularly mow your lawn to keep the grass short and also cut back the branches and shrubs to allow more sunlight.

Another effective tick control method is through pesticide application. Ticks mostly find their way into your yard through your pets or wild animals that come to look for left-overs at night.

Regularly spraying your pets will effectively eliminate the ticks on in their fur. You can also proceed to spray around weedy vegetation if the infestation is heavy. Ensure that there are no fence openings that wild animals can use to access your yard.

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Mosquitos a Growing Pest Problem

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Mosquitos are notorious disease carriers found all over the world. They have itchy bites, and their sound is annoying enough to give you sleepless nights. You can get rid of mosquitos using both environmental mosquito control methods and sprays.

Flea - Looking for Pest solutions

Fleas are very small bugs that do not have wings. They can jump very high and often live on pets and in homes. They feed on the blood of animals and people. Their bites can make your skin itch and cause allergic reactions.

To get rid of fleas, you should:
- Vacuum your homes and businesses
- Treat your pets for fleas
- Use insecticides as a protection against pests

These things will help control the flea problem.

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Earwig - Pest Control Problem

Earwigs are insects that come out at night. They mainly eat small, soft insects and plants. Sometimes, they can be good for gardens because they eat aphids. But they can also cause damage to property, crops, and flowers. To get a home free of earwigs, you can use natural predators or chemicals.

Yellow Jackets - Pest Free

Yellow Jackets are aggressive pests known for their painful stings.

They build nests in the ground or buildings, threatening people and pets.

Unlike bees, Yellow Jackets can sting more than once, increasing the risk of allergic reactions.

A thorough inspection is very important to manage these insects.

Silverfish - Unwanted Guests

Silverfish are small bugs without wings. They have a shiny metallic look.

They live in dark, wet places. You can often find them in homes.

Silverfish eat things like paper, glue, and starch. This can damage books, wallpaper, and clothes.

Some preventive measures to get rid of silverfish, might include making your home drier and sealing any cracks so they can't get in.

Pesky Pests in your Home

Pesky Pests like mosquitoes and ants can invade homes. This can make people uncomfortable and cause hygiene problems.

These unwanted visitors often need pest control to keep them away.

Good methods include keeping things clean and using repellents or traps.

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We have a complete pest control service in Salem Oregon that you can rely on 100%. You just leave the hard work to our highly trained team. We love putting our hands into dirt. Our goal is client satisfaction.

You can call us or contact at Lawn Care Salem to get a free quote and expert advise. If you have any other issue not stated in this page regarding insects, just let us know to see what we can do for your pest-free environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of pests does your company handle?

At Lawn Care Salem, we manage a variety of pests including rodents, spiders, wasps, fleas, bed bugs, termites, carpenter ants, cockroaches, and more. We're dedicated to providing comprehensive pest management for both residential and commercial properties in the Salem area.

Do you offer rodent control services in Salem, Oregon?

Yes, we offer specialized rodent control services to effectively manage and eliminate mice and rats in Salem and the surrounding areas. Our technicians use the latest methods to ensure your property is rodent-free.

How can I contact you today for a free estimate?

You can contact us today for a free estimate by calling our office at 503 461 6222 or visiting our website. We’re committed to providing you with peace of mind and effective pest control solutions tailored to your needs.

Are your pest elimination methods safe for families and pets?

Yes, our pest control solutions are eco-friendly and safe for both families and pets. We focus on natural pest control methods whenever possible to ensure the safety and health of our clients

Do you provide pest control in Salem every season?

Absolutely. Our services are available throughout the year to address pest problems in every season. Whether it's summer wasp nests or winter rodent issues, we have the expertise to handle it all.

Can you help exterminate bed bug infestations in the Salem area?

Yes, we offer effective bed bug elimination services to keep your home or business bed bug-free. Our technicians are trained to detect and exterminate bed bugs completely.

What areas do you serve besides Salem, Oregon?

In addition to Salem, we serve surrounding areas including Stayton, Albany, Woodburn, Silverton, Keizer and Corvallis. Our family-owned and operated company is dedicated to serving the pest control needs of the Willamette Valley.

Do you offer services for both residential or commercial properties?

Yes, we provide pest control solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you have a pest problem in your home or business, our team is ready to help.

How do you handle pest control service problems for businesses?

We tailor our pest management services to meet the specific needs of businesses in Salem. Our comprehensive commercial pest control plans ensure your business remains pest-free, providing a safe and healthy environment for your employees and customers.

Why should I choose a pest control salem service?

Choosing a Pest Control Service means opting for a professional, experienced, and eco-friendly pest control company. We are committed to delivering effective pest solutions, ensuring your property is pest-free. Contact us today for a free estimate and experience the peace of mind that comes with our top-rated service.

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