Landscaping Salem Oregon

Landscaping Services in Salem Oregon

We offer Landscaping services in Salem, Oregon since 1987. It is our unique and exclusive service that takes care of the exterior design of your property. If you have a home and are looking to make it more beautiful, then just landed to the right place. 

Read below and find out how you might benefit from our expertise.

Landscaping Management

While experts can best do this, you can still do your own flower bed management. A good garden is one that is full of life, flowers and colors.

Therefore, you need to plant good stuff and get rid of the weeds. If you already have grass, mulching is important to make it look great and give aesthetics to garden decoration.

If you do not have time to do all that, you can contact us, and we will send our team to survey the space. The best design will be devised to improve the overall look of your home at an affordable price that suits your budget.

Soil Testing

This process it's highly recommend to be done done by experts. This activity is vital in landscaping because it helps determine the right stuff to plant.

After the analysis of the soil, proper fertilizers and chemicals can be recommended for your plants. Luckily, we are here to make work easier for you.

Soil testing and analysis done by our team is accurate. We use our experience and skills to ensure that you get value for your money.

 Talk to our team today about your soil testing needs, and we will be get back to you with an affordable proposal.


Landscaping Salem Oregon
Landscaping Salem Oregon

Residential landscaping salem oregon

Pruning cuts should be done properly. It should be done at least a quarter inches away from the bud. Make sure that the cut is not done too close since this might kill the bud.

It is a process that calls for the utmost keenness. If the node has two or more buds, try to remove the one facing inward.

Our company is well versed in this process. You should stop guessing and let professionals do the work for you. Note that the right equipment should be used to prune, and we have them all. It should be done at the right time to avoid interfering with the life of trees.

Landscaping Salem Oregon

Salem Oregon landscape design

Landscaping Salem Oregon
Salem Oregon Landscaping

Your home deserves to get and maintain a proper level of beauty. This can be done through improved flower and bark management.

Flower management is easier when you learn how to do it right. When flowers start to blossom, you need to get rid of pests and infections that might kill them and ruin the aesthetics of your home. Also, you need to use the right techniques to manage the barks of your trees, especially from infestations.

As experts in home improvement, we understand the methods that need to be applied to protect flower and bark from infestation.

Through the years, we have served many happy clients, and most of them come back for more.

We know what we do and we are passionate about it. 

Affordable landscaping salem oregon!

Whether it is flower bed management, mulching, or pruning services you are looking for, we are just a phone call away. With our Landscaping services in Salem Oregon, we have your back covered.

Check for our monthly maintenance services or contact Lawn Care Salem to know more about it and see the nature of services that we can provide. 

Our support is also available, so your questions will be responded to on a timely basis.

Salem Oregon Landscaping

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