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Lawn Care Service in Salem, OR

Our lawn care Salem Oregon team has several years of experience helping to make lawns look amazing and aesthetically pleasing. 

We like to ensure that every client’s lawn looks its very best at all times. We all take great pride in the work that we do and can transform even the worst looking lawn into sources of satisfaction for the entire neighborhood. 

Even if your lawn is already gorgeous, we will provide regular maintenance to ensure that it continues looking amazing throughout the year. 

From weed control to fertilization, mosquito control to lawn aeration, and everything in between, we have a wide range of services covered. 

We customize our services to meet the weather patterns and the plant needs of Salem home and business owners. With our help, you can feel confident that the perfect outdoor space – the one that you have always dreamed of – is brought to success. Having a greener and more enjoyable lawn is just a phone call away.  

Some of the specific solution services that we offer include: 

  • Power Seeding
  • Lawn pest control
  • Fertilization
  • Tree care shrub
  • Lime and PH balancing
  • Grub Control
  • Weed control
  • Core Aeration


Lawn Care Salem Oregon

What we have to offer: Lawn Services

Regardless of if it is for an existing landscape or new construction, we fully understand that you have made a huge investment in your property. Our team is here to help you achieve your landscape dreams and will create the right design for your space.

As a top outdoor maintenance company, you can feel confident that we will pay careful attention to even the smallest details. We can help to transform your outdoor area into a space that fits your lifestyle. We have worked hard to earn a reputation in the area as one of the top contractors all thanks to our dedication to always provide the highest level of services possible. 

Our experience and devotion to customer satisfaction has led to countless satisfied customers.  

The yard care division of our services has an array of experience handling different aspects of garden care, landscaping, and lawn maintenance. Thanks to our customer-centric approach, you can feel confident we will transform your space and make sure it is health and beautiful at all times. We put value on your input from the very beginning and won’t leave until the work is done.

Because we are local landscaper, we know Salem Oregon weather. This means we can pick the best plants for the area. Remember, every plant has unique requirements regarding lighting, soil, and an array of other factors. We can help determine the best plants for your yard, regardless of its current state.  

We will help to create a landscape design that implements all the right plants while ensuring that a pop of color for interest and intrigue is created. Our goal is to enhance your yard along with that of your neighbors and the entire neighborhood.

You don’t have to worry about all the work that needs to be done when the weather changes – we will take care of everything. 

The first step of the process is removing all the debris out of your yard, raking even compacted beds by hand and providing power blowing services. In the spring, we will ensure that our yard is aerated, seeded, and prepared to flourish and thrive.

When it comes time to take care of the “dirty work” of backyard care, you need to find a company that is trustworthy, skilled, dependable, and much more capable of delivering the highest quality product at every turn. 

The way that the landscaping service you hire handles this part of the yard care and maintenance services is essential to achieving the desired look.

What you may not realize is that weed eating is something that takes a certain level of skill. There is definitely a right and a wrong way for you to perform all of these tasks – and we can help.  

We got your back covered with our tree services. From tree removal, pruning, maintenance or storm damage clean up.

We have the most complete Tree care service in Salem for an affordable price without compromising quality and ethics.

Monthly Yard Maintenance: Best Lawn Care

We know that the first thing people see when they visit your home is the look of it. That's why we give high importance to the maintenance and service of the front view and backyard of your home. With our monthly maintenance services we enssure that your garden keeps aesthetic all the year. 

Apart from the aesthetics, we also offer monthly maintenance in Pest control and irrigation systems (Sprinklers). If you need a personalized service that you don't find here on our website, feel free to call us or leave a message. 

How our Services work - Free Quote

When you call us for landscape services, we will start the process with a comprehensive lawn analysis. During this, an expert is going to perform a complete evaluation of your lawn and plant needs. Once we have determined what your garden needs, we will create a custom treatment solution plan and figure what you should expect with everything we provide.  

Once we have a customized plan in place, our team will determine how often they should come to ensure that the lawn continues to look great throughout the year. We will always provide the recommended services using the highest quality materials and the latest available options with yard care equipment.  

We understand that when it comes to your lawn, you probably have high standards. That’s why you should rely on us to provide you with the high-quality services that you need and deserve. We will ensure that you get the quality services that you want and need without the hassle of having to do it on your own.

What our customers are saying about our  Professional Lawn Maintenance in Salem

I needed hardscape and softscape solution and the team was very responsive and efficent! The built a ver nice walkway for me. I highly recommend it and will continue using their services soon.

Dana H.

Salem, Oregon

Great team. Nick was very proactive and quick with the analysis of my lawn. We are now working on weed control, sodding and installing an irrigation system. High quality work and friendly guys!

Anthony B.

Salem, Oregon

I hired them because I can't handle the care of the garden any longer due to limited mobility. My flowers are looking beautiful and my grass has been mantained green for last 6 months, so great work and recommended here in the neighborhood.

Jane C.

Salem, Oregon

Why call us? Top-rated Professional Landscaping

When it comes to lawn care in Salem Oregon services, there are more than a few companies to call on in the area.

While this is true, we offer comprehensive services that will meet your needs, regardless of how big or small they may be. 


  • Fair and honest Pricing
  • High-Quality Service
  • More than 20 years of Experience on this business
  • We genuinely care about nature and that's how we treat and take care of it.

We can assess your needs and ensure that you get the services you need for a price you can afford. There’s no reason to settle for second-best, we are here to provide you with the services you are looking for, at an affordable price.

Keep us in mind when you need lawn care solutions – we will be ready to provide the services that you need on an ongoing basis.

Lawn Care Salem Oregon
Lawn Care Salem Oregon
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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Lawn Care Salem offer in Salem, Oregon?

Lawn Care Salem provides a variety of yard care and landscaping services including lawn mowing, trimming, edging, mulch installation, yard cleanup services, landscape maintenance, and more. Our team of professional lawn care experts is dedicated to meeting all your lawn care needs.

How can I find the best lawn care service in Salem for my home in 2024?

When searching for the best quality lawn care service in Salem for 2024, consider hiring a company like us that offers a range of quality services and has a reputation for excellent customer service. Look for services that include lawn mowing, trimming, edging, and landscape maintenance to ensure proper yard clean throughout the year.

What makes Lawn Care Salem different from other lawn care companies in Salem?

Lawn Care Salem stands out from other lawn care companies in Salem due to our commitment to providing affordable lawn care while maintaining high-quality standards. We offer personalized service, a variety of lawn care options including premium lawn care and landscape construction and maintenance, and our team takes extra care with every lawn to ensure it looks its best.

Is hiring a lawn care company in Salem worth the investment?

Yes, hiring lawn care services llc companies like us is worth the investment. Professional lawn care can save you time, ensure the health and beauty of your lawn, and prevent issues like overgrowth. Our team uses the right techniques and products including fertilizers to keep your lawn vibrant and healthy.

Do you provide lawn care and landscape services for commercial properties in the Salem area?

Absolutely! we offer proper lawn care and landscape maintenance services for both residential homeowners and commercial properties in the Salem area. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each type of property, ensuring a pristine look year-round.

How can I contact Lawn Care Salem for a consultation or service?

You can easily contact us today for a consultation or to schedule a service. Give us a call or fill out a contact form in our website. Our team of lawn care experts is ready to assist you with all your lawn care and landscaping needs.

Do you provide lawn care services in popular locations around Salem?

Yes, we provide lawn care services in many popular locations around Salem, Oregon. Our professional team is equipped to handle diverse lawn care needs in various neighborhoods and communities to ensure every lawn looks its best.

When is the best time to schedule lawn care services for 2024?

The best time to schedule lawn care services for 2024 is as early as possible, ideally before the growing season begins in spring. However, maintaining a regular schedule throughout the year, including the months leading up to June 2024, will ensure your lawn remains healthy and well-maintained.

What are the benefits of landscape maintenance and cleanup services?

Landscape maintenance and cleanup services offer several benefits including improved curb appeal, fertilize for healthier plants, and a more enjoyable outdoor space. Regular maintenance helps prevent overgrow issues and pest infestations, while cleanup services ensure your yard is always tidy and presentable.

Where can I find reviews for the top 10 best lawn care services in Salem?

You can find reviews for the top 10 best yard care services in Salem by checking online review platforms, local business directories, and the company's website. 

Keep us in mind when you need lawn care solutions or a landscaping project – we will be ready to help with the services that you need on an ongoing basis, with great communication and at an excellent price.